Saturday, January 3, 2009

Karaoke at Arizona Pizza

My friday night hangout. How does one describe friday night entertainment in southern maryland? Lets just say im very happy with my karaoke night at Arizona.

Also...the bar scene in southern maryland, um disgusting. I would compare SoMD bars to the bird shit that gets stuck that wont come off your car windshield. Or the dog hair that clings to your dress slacks. They are extremely irritating, and somewhat backward. One of the famous ones in my area is called "The Brass Rail".

Back to Arizona. This is why it rocks... Usually I dont like to hang out at restaurant bars, and these days not a fan of bars at all but they are different. Arizona has cheap beer on karaoke nights. Their cheesebread is awesome. The bartender always remembers what im drinking. The DJ has my cell phone number. They always make sure im getting home safely. The head cook is cool his name is D. They dont care if I make an ass out of myself when im singing.

Heres the scoop, the manager told me last night unless they start bringing in more sales theyre going to cancel karaoke. Imagine my surprise, i finally have found something that I love to do on a friday night. But as blake the bartender said," sarah, thats not gonna stop you from singing now is it." haha guess hes right. Ill just have to find a new karaoke venue if Arizona ever stops. Really what I love best about it is the restaurant is really like a family and everybody knows my name so of course I will keep my friday night karaoke ritual in somd.

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